About Us

Owner Mr. Dennis Drummond initially opened Bayan Health and Wellness three years ago with a vision to bring the latest health techniques and health technologies and updated care available to the people of the lower mainland. The mission of Bayan Health allowed us to grow quickly, incorporating various health modalities and to make certain that the care provided was efficient and effective.

Recently, the direction in which the clinic wanted to grow has changed due to the needs of our clientele. Sports injuries have taken a front seat to the already numerous health techniques still available.It seems as though people have started to take an active approach to their health and well being and more individuals are involved in active sports and recreations.

Our new Highgate Sports Clinic, promises to address these needs with the various health modalities and advanced health technologies offered. Currently our office provides the following health services. Our Doctors and practitioners are well equipped and knowledgeable in their particular fields and work hand in hand with each other, synergistically to provide world-class care.

Highgate Sports Clinic has hours that are suitable for everybody, with a knowledgeable and friendly front staff that can assist you with any questions that you have regarding detailed services information, your scheduling or insurance needs. Our clinic will help you find solutions for your health issues, so you can continue living the lifestyle you so desire to live.

Our team

Dr. Ranjit S. Sandhu
Dr. Ranjit has had the pleasure of practicing in the Burnaby area for eight years. In 1998, he graduated from Simon Fraser with a degree in Kinesiology and worked extensively with formulating care plans and physical regimens for individuals with severe head injuries. A positive experience with Chiropractic led him to California to pursue a Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Life Chiropractic College West. Upon graduating from College with an honours degree, Dr. Ranjit worked as an associate for one of the more busier clinics in Pleasanton, CA for two years before coming back home to set up his own office in 2004.

He has been practicing for eight years in the lower mainland and brings with him the latest techniques and most up to date research Chiropractic has to offer . He works hard to update and improve his knowledge for his practice members’ benefit. He frequently attends professional seminars and spends many additional hours improving techniques used his his practice. He has done many additional studies in pediatric and geriatric care and, as an athlete, enjoys working with sports injuries and adjustments of the extremities. He offers a wide array of techniques which are specific to the needs of each patient.

Away from his passion of Chiropractic, Dr. Ranjit enjoys running, working out at a local gym, playing soccer, but mostly spending quality time with his family. His most recent endeavor was committing to coaching his son’s soccer team. Being a role model and having an opportunity to positively influence young children has been quite rewarding.

Di Wu
Registered Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Di Wu has 18 years’ experience in the acupuncture and Chinese Medicine field in China and Canada. Di Wu is licensed with CTCMA as an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner. He has been a member of China Association of Acupuncture and Moxibustion since 2004.

Di Wu spent eight years on acupuncture and achieved Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Massage in 1999 in China. He ever worked in the Second Affiliated Hospital of HUCM as acupuncturist from 1994 to 1996. Di Wu got the experience to treat neurological diseases, such as Stroke, Facial paralysis, Headache and Migraine, Insomnia and Epilepsy, by acupuncture in the neurology wards. From 2002 to 2007, he worked with a chiropractor in Montreal to treat sports injuries.

Di Wu is not only good at treating neurological diseases, but also good at treating all kinds of sports injuries, pain in the neck, shoulder, back, legs and joints as well. He combines acupuncture with other therapy such as cupping and acupressure. His special skill is to apply fewer needles and expect the faster healing for sports injuries. He believes that acupuncture can trigger the natural healing process in the body and help the body back to normal naturally. He also applies Chinese herbs for cancer management and wellness maintenance.

Ivana Delmars
Holistic Health Coach
Ivana has a comprehensive background in the arena of complementary medicine.

Born in rural Czechosolvakia, Ivana learned herbal medicine from her grandmother. After escaping the communist regime, she came to Vancouver and continued her education at the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing and participated in numerous Natural Biological Therapy seminars in Germany, Cuba and the United States.

Ivana obtained certificates and diplomas in Iridology, Live Blood Analysis, Phytotherapy, Homotoxicology, Autonomic Kinesiology, Ozone Therapy, Contact Thermography, Biopulsar Reflexograph Technology, Colon Therapy, Mayr’s Abdominal Cleansing, Reiki, Reconnective Healing and German New Medicine. She has been a research associate in the field of Biological Medicine and continues to educate herself in this area.

Ivana’s life was completely transformed by meeting Eckhart Tolle. Afterwards, she developed her own Body-Mind-Spirit Medicine modality incorporating the teachings of Echkart Tolle.

Ivana helps her clients understand their conditions and the mental and emotional patterns that may be affecting their physical states. She then works with her clients to find real, natural and effective solutions.

Amy Quinn
Office Management
Amy grew up in Aldergrove with her parents and her younger sister and has just recently moved to Burnaby. Amy has always enjoyed working with the public in different aspects whether it be working in a Chiropractic office or in the hospitality industry. At a very young age, she was fortunate enough to have her first job in a Chiropractic office where her mom also worked as a Chiropractic assistant. Long years of working in a health clinic, educated her very well about alternative medicine, patient care and office management. Amy is really appreciating the art of natural healing and disease prevention.

Her friendly and competent nature is a win to our clinic team. Amy likes to spend her spare time being outdoors.